Are your Ergonomics right? How to improve the way you work

Healthcare professionals purchase office furniture to meet different needs, whether they are looking to revamp their existing space of practice or support the growth of their teams. However, when choosing products, the importance of ergonomics (the science of designing a workplace) must also be taken into consideration as products not only need to fit a specific space, but they also need to "fit" around people.

It is well known that poorly designed workstations and office equipment can cause work-related stress and physical problems that affect the lower back, neck, shoulders and upper limbs. As a result, practices can suffer from productivity loss through staff absenteeism. Using the correct products minimises the risk of health issues and promotes well-being in the workplace.

Office chairs are one of the most talked-about ergonomic products. In order to fulfill the criteria of being able to fit around a person’s needs, an ergonomic chair needs to be fully adjustable in all areas including seat, backrest, and armrests. It’s important to understand that a chair needs to be relevant and applicable to a person’s size. For instance, chairs with seat slides can offer more leg support for taller people while heavier people may require a different solution with different weight-bearing tolerances.

There are different products in the marketplace aimed at providing the user with a comfortable, task-appropriate, working position. Products such as sit-stand desks promote regular movement for workers who undertake roles that require sitting down for long periods of time. Kneeling chairs promote good posture and core strength. Other ergonomic products to consider include ergonomic desktop accessories and footrests.

Practices are always looking to attract new talent and retain existing employees. When employers invest in their worker’s well-being it not only encourages health in the workplace, but it also demonstrates an employer’s commitment to caring for their people!

Make sure you know the basics:

  • Look after your back – sit properly
  • Avoid wrist pressure – use your support
  • Relieve neck strain – check your seat height & screen position
  • Stay organised, safe and clean

You can print and display these tips in each room of your practice to ensure your employees are aware and working on their wellbeing in their place of work.

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