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Useful articles from our suppliers about how you can make the most of your membership discounts with them as well as their guidance on national policy and legislative changes.

Loss of vaccines – Prevention and what to do in order to claim

A loss of vaccines is potentially a major problem for a GP practice – not only is significant time used to resolve the issue, but the average cost to a practice is £1,030, according to MIAB's internal data. In the unfortunate event of a claim for loss of vaccines, there are a number of factors the insurer may consider when reviewing the case, which are useful indicators of good practice when managing vaccines.

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Business as (un)usual – Getting back to normal after a serious incident

No business is immune to experiencing a serious incident that prevents it from performing its normal operations or business. Whether these are natural, like flooding, or deliberate, like cybercrime, prudent organisations take steps to prepare for and manage risks they face by putting plans in place to deal with whatever may come up.

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PRS & PPL Licensing – what it means and how to avoid it

Practice Managers often ask us to explain the difference between PRS and PPL licenses and why they need to pay both fees when playing music in their practice.

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Establishing a Clean Desk Policy

Over the years, there have been different arguments made for and against a clean desk policy in the workplace. Some people say it stifles creativity, and de-personalises the workplace. Others say it conveys an air of competence to outsiders, and helps make employees feel more organised. But the most important reason today for a clean desk policy is information security – and there’s no argument there.

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Protect your future by insuring your past

The Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice (CNSGP) launched on the 1st of April. A welcome relief for many GPs who previously considered leaving the profession due to unsustainable indemnity costs through medical defence organisations.

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Income Protection and Business Overheads Insurance

As a dental business owner, you rely on adequate staffing levels and tools for the practice to work at full capacity and fulfil UDA commitments. If you found yourself unable to work for an extended period of time due to sickness or an accident, the financial impact could be catastrophic.

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What's the right cover for you?

When it comes to protecting your practice against staff absence, there are several options to explore. The Sickness Reimbursement scheme was a welcomed initiative within general practice, though fails to provide you with a comprehensive level of cover. Specialist Insurance Adviser at MIAB, Emily McMillan explores your options when it comes to finding that added level of protection.

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Are your Ergonomics right? How to improve the way you work

Healthcare professionals purchase office furniture to meet different needs, whether they are looking to revamp their existing space of practice or support the growth of their teams. However, when choosing products, the importance of ergonomics (the science of designing a workplace) must also be taken into consideration as products not only need to fit a specific space, but they also need to "fit" around people.

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