Recovery Oxygen

Recovery Oxygen

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Baywater Healthcare

The recovery oxygen package from Baywater Healthcare has been created to deliver immediate assistance and give you peace of mind in case of an emergency. It is designed to provide a high flow of oxygen for use during resuscitation and to quickly and easily direct the user how to administer lifesaving oxygen until help arrives.

What they offer

Shutterstock 121424467a A non rebreathe mask and tubing are included in the package from Baywater to ensure that you have everything you need when administering Recovery Emergency Oxygen.

Cylinders come in two sizes to provide longer oxygen durations, are rented annually and have a three-year shelf-life. Baywater only supply top quality equipment all of which is fully compliant with relevant legislation relating to the provision of medical oxygen. With batch tracking and expiry date registers they can guarantee the quality of your supply.

A full user guide, patient information leaflet, Baywater Healthcare Medical Oxygen SmPC and relevant legislation certificates are provided. The Healthcare Helpline is open 24/7 to give you a quick response to all of your questions. First delivery is within three working days and cylinders refills are delivered next working day.

You can rent the larger B10 cylinder which will last five times longer than the smaller Freedom 400 to allow extra oxygen in an emergency and to save money on frequency of cylinder refills for the same price.

We have compiled some frequently asked questions to assist you in your purchase.

Green Credentials

  • All Baywater premises are supplied from renewable sources
  • They use lower emission Euro VI commercial vehicles that reduce CO2 output by 13% and utilise hybrid vehicles for their car fleet – delivering a 16% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Energy-efficient Head Quarters fitted with remote sensor LED lighting and solar energy system
  • Encourage remote working and virtual meetings to reduce business travel by over 40%. Saving on commuting alone estimated at 6.5 tonnes per year.
  • Encourage a paper free environment
  • Carbon Neutral status through Carbon offsetting projects: Offset 1766 tonnes of CO2 in 2021, UK tree planting scheme (883 tonnes), Cleaner and Safer Stoves in Malawi (442 tonnes) and Cleaner, Safer Water in Cambodia (441 tonnes).

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