Waste Management (Clinical/Trade)

Waste Management (Clinical/Trade)

Meet Greenzone


Greenzone can offer members excellent pricing on clinical, feminine hygiene and trade waste collection and disposal. They provide bespoke solutions for every area of your waste management and will always look to reduce your costs and improve your recycling credentials.

What they offer

Shutterstock 261083147a Greenzone persistently aim for a zero waste to landfill solution for all their customers across all sectors.

They manage your waste contracts for you and their new Customer Portal allows you access to real time information, enabling you to view your services, upcoming schedules, invoices, credits and payments as well as all your compliance documentation.

Their Compliance Team regularly evaluate all Greenzone’s suppliers ensuring they are offering customers the very best and totally compliant services.

Greenzone have a rigorous audit process, which ensures that their clients get the very best services from suppliers that are fully compliant, at a fair price.

Waste Management Packages

Greenzone has created a range of bespoke offers for GP practices, dental practices and care homes that package all your waste management needs into one easy bundle with a single monthly cost. The packages are based on the size of your practice/home.

To view these packages and the pricing, please login with your member details. You can contact Greenzone using the details above or by filling in the quote request form.

Green Credentials

  • Greenzone has an ambitious but achievable plan to move to net carbon emissions by 2030.
  • They are actively targeting transport (company fleet is electric/hybrid). They work with local suppliers to reduce carbon emissions and car sharing is encouraged.
  • DEV software is currently hosted in the cloud; all systems will move to the cloud in the next 24 months. Virtual meetings are encouraged where possible and their website is carbon neutral.
  • Installation of solar panels by 2025 and ground source heat pumps by 2030 in all buildings. All buildings currently have intelligent lighting.
  • They offset their carbon and that of their customers by planting trees on a regular basis with partner Treenation (in the last 18 months they have offset over 1150 Tonnes of carbon by doing this).
  • They proactively manage all contracts, always looking to improve recycling rates.
  • Invoices are sent via email to save various resources including carbon and paper.

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