MidMeds join forces with Nottinghamshire LMC to support local Sports Club

22 November 2021

Our approved supplier MidMeds joined forces with the Nottinghamshire LMC to donate a defibrillator to Gedling Southbank Football Club (GSFC). The LMC appealed to GP practices to nominate a local sports club of their choosing to receive their defibrillator, which was no longer needed due to moving out of their old business premises.

Through a random selection, GSFC was selected to receive the defibrillator and new pads from MidMeds. Nottinghamshire LMC Chief Executive Michael Wright presented the defibrillator to the club’s Chair, Adrian Hall, and their football coach Tristram Whitman on Thursday, 18 November at the Arnold Hill Spencer Academy.

Photo from right to left: Michael Wright – Nottinghamshire LMC Chief Executive, Adrian Hall – Gedling Southbank Football Club (GSFC) Chair and Tristram Whitman – GSFC Football Coach.

MidMeds CEO David Rones shared his sentiments on why it was a monumental step to support this agenda.

When the LMC Buying Group came to us about being involved in their defibrillator competition, we were more than happy to donate and be part of a fantastic idea. Over the last few years, there has been a lot of movement and awareness of the importance of having an available defibrillator at all local sports clubs across the country. It means a lot to us at MidMeds to be able to support and be part of this.’ – David Rones – MidMeds Chief Executive

A slew of fatalities on the pitch both locally and nationally has shed much light on the importance of having immediate access to equipment that can save lives and give coaches, players and their families peace of mind.

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