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Merchant Card Services

Merchant Card Services

nexpay is a leading UK based payment consultancy and management company, officially licensed by Visa and MasterCard for the provision of card payment services.

They can save practices thousands of pounds annually with up to 60% off monthly bills.

Supplied by: nexpay

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nexpay provide a vital link between your business, the banks and software/hardware providers. They create a single point of contact managing your payment environment and infrastructure.

How it works

nexpay’s initial reviews are conducted to analyse and understand your card processing fees, account structure and hardware. Once established, their consultants provide you with a detailed report and work with you and/or other third party providers towards an implementation strategy.

nexpay provide a fully managed service throughout set up, ensuring a smooth transition without any down time. Their admin team will take care of your applications, paperwork and organising of any hardware/software to be delivered and installed with first line support, every step of the way.

nexpay’s data analysts are constantly reviewing and comparing tariffs on the market ensuring you are provided with the most advantageous pricing so in the event of market conditions changing, they will automatically contact you to discuss the effects, options and any potential of further savings.

What you get

Reviewing your account on a monthly basis against market and industry changes, they send you monthly reports containing in depth reporting and evidencing savings.

These transparent reports will show you key data ranging from monthly tariff comparisons through to how your consumers are spending as part of our data analysis.

There is no up front fee for nexpay’s management and consultancy, their fee is completely dependent upon how much they can save you.

How to get a quote

If you would like to get a quote for your practice, please complete the form on this page (you need to be logged in to do this).

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