Medical Record Digitisation/Storage

Medical Record Digitisation/Storage

Scan House provide paper digitisation with an innovative approach to searching, retrieving and viewing scanned documents plus content discovery and redaction services, all delivered online.

They also provide off-site secure storage for records.

Supplied by: Scan House

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Service Description

Scan House have the capability of scanning anything from a till receipt to a 54” wide drawing in both black and white or colour. Their current document scanning facility is capable of scanning over 4 million images per month.

On-Site Scanning

Scan House attends the customer site with all the relevant scanning and processing equipment to fully complete the work required. No files leave the customer premises with this service.

Secure Document Storage

Scan House can provide a dedicated document archiving and records management solution. Their facility is a secure environment ideal for document archiving and document storage services, providing a personal first-class service with collection and retrieval of original paper documentation. This facility is complimented by a full complete scanning bureau offering a scan on demand service.

On Demand Scanning Service

Scan on demand services provide clients with fast access to their information using the latest web technologies. This is a service offered to clients who wish to physically store their paper documentation still be able to access that documentation quickly and efficiently.

Online Document Hosting

Scan House’s web-based Document Hosting solution gives you secure 24/7 access no matter where in the world you might be. Document Hosting is about rapid, worldwide access to your valuable document assets by those authorised to enter the document vault. Data can be uploaded and moved around by the user, with the correct level of authorisation, from any existing electronic format.

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