How background music can affect patient mood

Background music in your practice can have such a huge effect on the behaviour of your visitors. An interesting little experiment carried out recently in a well-known wine merchant concluded that the type of music you play to your customers as they browse can have a serious effect on their shopping habits.

The experiment involved two identical shelves facing each other with one stocked with French wine and the other with German. Both shelves contained the same type of priced wine and quality. If no background music was used the majority of customers bought French wine, however when Bavarian style upbeat oompah music was played the majority of customers bought German. The effects of music can be enormous. If French music was played the shop sold more French wine.

The really interesting thing was as customers left the shop they were asked if the music playing had influenced their choice of wine and most replied ‘oh I didn’t know any music was playing’. Ah the subtle effects of background music. Most customers are blissfully unaware unless of course it’s so loud that it annoys them. I’d only recommend playing loud music at closing time to help clear the practice.

The right choice of background music can really influence the mood of your patients so choose carefully. In an NHS waiting room or dental surgery you need to be careful in your choice of background music. You don’t want to increase any possible anxiety levels of your patients by playing edgy dark scary music or pumping high adrenalin pop. Keep it relaxing and soft. You need to make them feel assured and calm. Not too calming though as you may find a few fast asleep after closing time.

Choosing the right background music is very important and never underestimate the power of music and its effect on your patient wellbeing.

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