Hosted or On-Premise – Which is Best for my Practice?

The market for systems is large and often confusing, however, the size of the market means that your practice or group of practices can benefit from a system that will meet your needs and enhance productivity.

From hosted to on-site phone systems, it’s important to make the right decision based on your own environment.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many people will use the system? Is this likely to increase or decrease?
  • Are you likely to expand and move offices in the future? Or work across multiple sites?
  • Do you need to integrate homeworkers?
  • Does your budget work better with Opex or Capex expenditure?
  • Do you have IT staff to manage an on-site system?
  • Are you able to take on and perform ongoing maintenance?

Once you start thinking in terms of how you need the system to work for you, it becomes easier to understand how to choose a phone system.

Hosted Telephony

Hosted telephony is suitable for all practices, especially those that are or are likely to become, part of group. Hosted telephony provides a natural upgrade from the traditional ISDN lines that BT are switching off in 2025.

With hosted telephony, your communications are hosted in the cloud and your calls are connected over the Internet. The system is hosted off-site by a provider, rather than in your office and updates are carried out remotely to upgrade the system as advances become available.

It allows communications across a number of devices at once, with high quality levels of service.
A future-proofed system, it can be used across multiple sites.

Hosted is right for your practice if:

  • Your finances work best on the Opex expenditure system; essentially a monthly rental with no upfront costs
  • You do not have or want a dedicated staff member on site running the system (this is taken care of by your provider)
  • You require advanced telephony features such as call forwarding, voicemail to email and call stats
  • You may move offices or expand to multiple sites in the future (there is a simple relocation process and you can keep your number)

On-site Telephony

On-site phone systems are ideal for larger practices. On-site support is required for some maintenance so a maintenance support contract is a must. Whilst on many systems, support can be accessed remotely, for an on-site system it is advisable to have someone with an understanding of the configuration of the system on site for moves and changes, which are generally not covered by a maintenance support contract.

On-site systems should be purchased with SIP Trunks for connectivity, in preparation for the switch off ISDN in 2025, which also enables you to save money and increase productivity utilising open source features.

On-site is right for your practice if:

  • Your finances work best on the capex expenditure system; high upfront costs with low monthly rental
  • You are a large practice that needs to add new users frequently
  • You have or want a dedicated staff member on site running the system
  • You want an advanced, on site, scalable system

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